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Short-Edition International Literary Vending Machines

I’m really thrilled that the French publishing house Short Editions just published my poem “Prayer.” You can read it online in their journal Rendez-Vous or—what really has me psyched—depending on where you live, you can visit one of their “dispensers,” which are basically vending machines for literature, at any of their locations (libraries across the world from Iowa to Guinea, airports in Canada & Hong Kong, subway stations in London, a French bookstore in New York and Francis Ford Coppola’s vineyards)!

Interview with t'ai freedom ford about her new book "& more black"

I’m really excited that Augury Books (the press I founded) will be publishing “& more black,” the second collection by poet t’ai freedom ford. Her poems are powerful, kinetic, witty, heartbreaking, sexy, brave and wise. I had the chance to interview her about her forthcoming book and hope you’ll check it out—just click the Interview tab after you follow the link!

New Essay on Ninth Letter

I’m really grateful to Philip Graham over at Ninth Letter for giving my essay about love, St. Anthony (the patron saint of lost things) and Italy such a lovely home.

Rumpus Interview

I really enjoyed doing this joint interview with Joe Pan discussing how Augury Books became an imprint of Brooklyn Arts Press. Many thanks to Arisa White for interviewing us and The Rumpus for giving the interview a home!

Big Augury Books News

I'm very excited to announce that Augury Books, the independent press that I cofounded in 2010 and run, has become an official imprint of Brooklyn Arts Press. We're very excited to join BAP's family and under their auspices, we will continue to publish two new Augury Books titles each year, beginning in fall of 2018 with the second collection from poet Alicia Jo Rabins and a manuscript we will select from our January Open Reading Period. Our editorial board remains the same and all correspondence for Augury can be sent to augurybooks@gmail.com.  

Elizabeth Kostova Foundation Creative Nonfiction Fellowship

I am thrilled to have been selected as one of five Creative Nonfiction Fellows for the Elizabeth Kostova Foundation's 10th Annual (and First Creative Nonfiction edition) Sozopol Seminars in Bulgaria. It's an honor to join my fellow fellows Akwaeke Emezi, Chris Fenton, Jaclyn Moyer and Evan James for our workshop taught by Philip Graham in Sozopol, Bulgaria, and to participate in the CapitaLiterature Festival in Sofia afterwards. 

Entropy interview

Many thanks to Dennis James Sweeney for this interview with me (on behalf of Augury Books) in Entropy magazine's fantastic ongoing series highlighting small presses. 

Grub Street's "Tips for Starting Your Own Press" article

Many thanks to Justin Sherwood for this great compilation of advice on starting your own press. Sherwood interviewed me, along with other New School University MFA alums like Justin Marks of Birds, LLC and Ben Fama of Wonder, for some practical tips on indie publishing.